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What is a Privacy Policy ?
Privacy Policy is a simple document in which you are telling to visitor that which information you will use and what you will do with that information.

In short, privacy policy doc is a short detail of what you will do with the information of a user when he/she is visiting your website and leaving some data behind.

Importance of Privacy Policy
We should add link of privacy policy doc in our website so that visitors can get details about what information will be used and what we will be done with that. Even we are using user’s information and storing it for our record maintenance. At that time, the user must know that we are storing the information.

What it concludes?
It concludes information about what we are doing to store visitor’s information and why we are storing it. Generally, we use cookie to store visitor’s information.

Points must be considered while developing privacy policy:-
While we are developing a privacy policy for a website, we must consider following points,
1) Privacy Policy doc must be in simple and readable language. Visitor must be able to understand it easily once he/she read it.
2) The theme of the privacy policy must remain the same as other webpages of the website.
3) We must mention details and laws which describe what will happen if we misuse visitor’s detail.
4) We must assure that we won’t use personal information of visitors and we won’t keep track of it.
5) We must take permission from users to use their information. (Generally we are adding visitor’s information in form cookies and session. we should inform visitor to how to destroy the session and how to accept/ delete/ reject cookies? )

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Ghanshyam, Jr. Developer,Ecosmob

Ghanshyam, Jr. Software Developer, Ecosmob

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GATE 2014 Exam Experience

This is my second post. I am going to share my experience of Gate exam which I gave in 2014. If you would like to explore some tips of how to pass GATE exam then please visit my previous post

So let me start with the numerical questions. Questions with numerical answers accounted for 45-50 % of the paper. Hence you cannot guess your way through the paper. It was taking me a lot of time because the questions were tricky and calculations were long.

In the papers of the past, there used to be some questions which could be solved by eliminating the wrong options. But with an increase in the “numerical answer” type questions, this method of problem solving takes a backseat.

With the high occurrence of “numerical answer” type questions, one has to be thorough and careful with unit conversions so as to type in the correct answer. Earlier, the four options more or less served as guidelines.

Among general ability questions, probability accounted for around 3-4 marks with one question each from Data Interpretation, logical reasoning and critical reasoning.

Engineering Mathematics questions were tough compared to the previous year. There were no direct questions.

There were direct questions from few of topics. And some of questions needed concept of two topics to solve them. Such were tough to solve. Scoring sections in DBMS were DBMS, RDBMS and SQL.

The sequence of questions was different for each candidate i.e. no two candidates will have same sequence of questions.

There were no “Common Data” and “Linked” questions in the papers.

According to the latest info from IIT Kharagpur, the marks of candidates appearing in EC, CS, EE, ME and CE will be normalized across the multiple sessions. This means that whether the paper in a particular session is easy or tough will not matter in the overall scheme of things.

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Hiten - Sr. SEO Executives

Hiten – Sr. SEO Executive

Hiten Dudhatra is working as a Sr. SEO Executive at Ecosmob handling off page SEO & SMO activities.
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How To Clear GATE CSE Exam?

Computer Science is one of the most popular branches for GATE. Our life is surrounded by computers, apps and the internet. Here are some tips for GATE Exam!

All the GATE toppers or all the qualified GATE aspirants are not the trained persons. Some of them come from their own hard work. I am one of those students who has attempted the GATE 2014 without any formal training and I would like to share some tips to you which might help you to score more.


  • Prepare for both sections Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Understand the syllabus thoroughly to be able to know exactly which topics to study
  • Create a study schedule giving more time to your weaker areas.
  • Make a detailed list of topics under each heading, when you study that specific heading tick off each topic you complete. This small act will help boost your confidence and you will feel more prepared.
  • For Engineering Mathematics focus on understanding the basic concepts and then study applications in depth.
  • Your preparation not at the level of just reading and writing hints in your notebooks, you must solve problems related that area, practice is the only good way to crack GATE CSE.
  • It’s impossible to get a repeating questions in GATE 2014 from previous year question papers. But we can track related area in our subject, if you are solving any question in previous year question means , you don’t leave that question on that level only, you try to create and answer the next level of that question.
  • Try to complete a one subject in 20 days in 4-6 hour preparation per day.
  • Prepare a quick revision list for Engineering Mathematics with all the important formula and any other points you feel are important. Study this list as often as you can.
  • The key to scoring in Engineering Mathematics is practice. Practice as many questions as you can.
  • Practice your approximation and calculation skills for the numerical answer questions
  • Study of Computer Science and Information Technology with complete focus on understanding concepts.
  • Use flowcharts and diagrams to reinforce your understanding
  • Although the final examination will be in the form of multiple choice/numerical answer questions, attempt essay-type questions at the end of each chapter to test your understanding of the subject.
  • Try group studying with friends, each choose a topic and then discuss with the others
  • Practice sample papers/previous year papers as often as possible to get used to the examination style
  • In the final exam remember to read the question thoroughly
  • Skip any multiple choice question you are not sure of to avoid negative marking
  • Attempt numerical questions you are not confident about only if you have time left as numerical questions have no negative marking

The most important tip and trick is to stay calm, cool and confident and you’ll easily clear your GATE CSE.

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Hiten - Sr. SEO Executives

Hiten – Sr. SEO Executive

Hiten Dudhatra is working as a Sr. SEO Executive at Ecosmob handling off page SEO & SMO activities.
Likes : Travelling, Playing Chess
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