SEO Trainee Expressing Her Experience At Ecosmob

Finalllyyy…. I am an Ecosmobian… 🙂 I’m really feeling glad and proud by saying this.

I am Hardi Vora working as a trainee SEO in ECOSMOB which is 7+ years old company with a great name and fame in IT Industry, handled by three honorable directors, namely Mr. Maulik Shah, Mr. Ruchir Brahmbhatt & Mr. Vipul Patel with the praiseworthy management of Mr. Deepak Tripathi.

I had worked as a Developer in past, so to set in the post of SEO is somewhat different because to do proper SEO and avoid doing Black Hat SEO I need to learn lots of things. But its my good-luck to have Ashvini Vyas, a kind-natured and experienced person as my Supervisor. I am undergoing through the guidance of her and also of Hiten Dudhatra.

It’s just my 6th day today in the company, but I’m feeling as I have been working here for a long time 🙂 The whole company is working as a whole team as an Ecosmob Team here. My sitting is in Marketing department, “An Evergreen Cabin”. I have taken somewhat small and somewhat long KT from every person of my cabin. First, it was much confusing for me to understand our online system. And still I am learning.

Each Ecosmobian is of helping nature and mix up with everyone. I have seen the gallery where the photos of each event are posted. The company is celebrating every festival, annual day and events with full of enthusiasm and enjoyment. There is also cleanliness drive and some social activities done by the company. I am buoyant that i am having the opportunity to be the part of it.

There are lots of things that still I need to learn but I am hoping that my skills and knowledge would be of used here and carve a new vision towards company’s success! 🙂

This is what I am feeling right now. Thank you everyone for spending your valuable time in reading my first blog at Ecosmobian corner. 🙂

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Hardi - SEO Trainee

Hardi – SEO Trainee

Hardi Vora is working as an SEO trainee at Ecosmob, learning with lots of enthusiasm and enjoying the world of SEO and Ecosmob.

Likes : Net Surfing, Dancing, Sketching, Travelling, Writing & liste goes on..
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BD Manager’s Cordial Testimonial for Ecosmob

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has always been recognized for its professionalism and the healthy and friendly working environment as well as the laudable opportunities it provides to the employees. One of the employees from Ecosmob has endorsed such encouraging nature of Ecosmob management by giving a cordial testimonial.

Watch the employee testimonial given by Bhaskar Metikel, The BD Manager at Ecosmob with transcript in his own words here.



Myself Bhaskar Metikel and I am working as a business development manager at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I’m working in the company since few months. The most wonderful thing of the company is culture of the company.

I like the environment here. The people are very friendly. Employees, my colleagues are very friendly.

This is a very young company, having very young employees. I love to work with them. So far so good.

And also I would like to tell that my company directors Mr. Ruchir Brahmbhatt and Mr. Maulik Shah, both of them are very cooperative, very friendly.

Though they are directors I don’t feel like they are my directors, they are just like my friends and not to me, to everybody they are like friends you know!

So this is what make Ecosmob different from other companies.

One of the most valuable experience, I would like to share with this company that they given me a chance to represent my company, our company at international level.

Recently, in month of August I, myself with our director Mr. Maulik Shah represented Ecosmob in US which is an international event, ITExpo, International Business Event. So I am very grateful to this company have given me a very good stage and I look forward to work with this company for many years, as many years as possible.

So I can say that I prod to be an Ecosmobian.

Author Bio

Ash Vyas SEO

Ash Vyas – Internet Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Internet Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling digital marketing activities like SEO, SMO, Linkbuilding, content marketing, etc
Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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PHP Team Lead’s sovereign Testimonial for Ecosmob

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. proven itself to provide quint opportunities and an expanded working environment to its employees. One of the Ecosmobians adores this trait of Ecosmob by giving a sovereign video testimonial. Komal Mistry, PHP Team Lead has appreciated the values given by Ecosmob Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Have a look at the meritorious video with transcript.


Hi everyone
Myself Komal Mistry and I am working in Ecosmob as a team leader since five six years.
I would say that my career has been started from this company only and after coming over here and after working with this company I don’t think now I want to change my company or my job.
The main attraction.. of when I came over here is that V O I P – VoIP technology that is something very new and something innovative which I don’t know before I joined this company and after coming overhere I learned many new things in this technology and I come to know that in telecommunication domain there is very good technologies which can be used and which can be very helpful to others.
So I learnt new things from here. Also in this company the enviornment is really very good. Here all Ecosmobians are working as a team, as a family. I don’t feel any barriers beetween the seniors or juniors.
All are very friendly and we are all working as the family and
the second thing is like we are getting very good opportunities overhere like many of the ecosmobians has gone abroad like Iran, Las Vegas, USA. So like they are getting the opportunities to work on site and that is really nice experience to work with the client. Also we got opprtunity to visit new countries and their culture also.
So I feel that here I am getting all the things like opportunities, learnings, the fun activities are also very good over here. So I think I am very happy and I am very proud to be an Ecosmobian.
Thank You

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Author Bio

Ash Vyas SEO

Ash Vyas – Internet Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an internet Marketing manager at Ecosmob handling digital marketing activities like SEO, SMO, Linkbuilding.
Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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Content Writer’s Testimonial for Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

And Now An Ecosmobian too….!

Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, “Ecosmob” – it is a word that amalgamates e-commerce, cosmos and mobile! Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a 6 years old IT company is run by three enthu directors. So now, I am a part Ecosmob Technologies wherein I am a Content Writer.

It is my first week ending at Ecosmob and writing a brief experience here after having sips of coffee and a light breakfast. 🙂 Well it is my routine here, just to trigger my energy for working here for 8.50 hours!! 😀 😀 Damn, it is FUN.

Sitting in a chilled cabin, researching for various IT products, services, solutions and more importantly, to write contents for the same, this is what I do whole day. For a content writer it is challenging to pen down the fore-front of the company and absorb the technical terms and ideas.

Here, I will share my experience at Ecosmob.

The first day- Unlike usual days, it was the day for induction given by HR Manager. Well yeah, it was a pretty interesting session about rules, regulations and working hours. What I liked the most is the way Directors, Management appreciate employees in a different way ( it is very rare to see at other work places), starting from the rewards to encouragement. Moreover, when I came to know that they also arrange various knowledge sharing/gaining sessions, dramas/plays and many more on Saturdays, my interest was even more elevated. “Yes, and I thought that I am at the right place at the right time.”

Not only this, people here celebrate each and every festival with lot of gusto and zest, well this I came to know when I explored their pictures’ gallery! 🙂 Every album of pictures and videos was the perfect feast for my eyes. What more one would want at work place? I think Ecosmob has that lively environment that every employee likes to work even harder day by day and grow eventually. It is truly a great platform for freshers and experienced ones as they give opportunities to every single employee. They believe in “team work” and “hard work”.

Hope my skills and knowledge would be of use here and carve a new vision towards company’s success!

Thanks to all Ecosmobians for patiently reading my short post. Please chip in with suggestions and comments. 🙂

Ms Kuntal, an Ecosmobian

Author Bio

Kuntal - Ecosmob Content Writer

Kuntal – Ecosmob Content Writer

Kuntal Pradhan is working as content writer in Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She is an avid reader, an ardent traveler and now a BLOGGER, blogging is on the GO.
Likes : Singing, Painting, Travelling, Reading and Writing
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HR Manager Testimonial for Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Deepak with Directors of Ecosmob

Deepak with Directors of Ecosmob

It has been great experience throughout my journey in Ecosmob. Everyone working in the company are very co-operative and understanding. All have very good professionalism which puts our company in the top most companies providing VoIP solutions. Apart from the work, functions organized in the company are excellent examples of happenings of the company which keeps the team motivated. The company keeps a very good balance of work and enjoyment activities. By which every Ecosmobian (i.e. any member of Ecosmob) never stops himself/herself of admiring the management and the whole Ecosmob team.

Recently we have completed 6 years in the IT field & we are very much delighted to see our successful journey & a big list of satisfied clients belonging to USA, Maxico, Italy & other parts of the world. According to me, our main strength is our team who works day and night to meet our valuable clients’ expectations.

Organising events is a great experience & I really enjoy it & learned a lot since last 5+ years of my journey in Ecosmob. Special thanks to our respected Directors Mr. Maulik Shah Sir, Mr. Ruchir Brahmbhatt Sir and Mr. Vipul Patel Sir for giving a great opportunity to work with Ecosmob which is a “Feel Good Factor” for me always.

Ecosmobians make the whole events lively, fun and energetic. All are feeling here like a family, working & supporting each other for success.

I am proud of myself being an Ecosmobian & looking forward to see more millstones in near future.

Author Bio

Deepak - Ecosmob HR Manager

Deepak – Ecosmob HR Manager

Deepak Tripathi is working as HR Manager in Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is looking after HR and Administration of the company.
Likes : Movie watching in Theatre, Cricket, Travelling, hangout with friends, Driving, Say truth & listen truth etc…
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Internet Marketing Manager Testimonial For Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hey There,

I am Ash (Ashvini) Vyas, Internet Marketing Manager at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Today I would like to share my experience and views for Ecosmob. I have joined ecosmob few months back & I am handling SEO, SMO, link building & other related digital marketing activities for in-house & client sites, I am in SEO industry from 5+ years and have worked with different IT & software development companies from big enterprise to small business as a Sr to freelance SEO. But I can say without a second thought that the working environment I got at Ecosmob that I have never seen before. The policies, the working environment, the opportunities, the scope given to employees are for mutual growth of each and every employee and not just for the company itself. There are three directors of Ecosmob, namely, Mr. Maulik Shah, Mr. Ruchir Brahmbhatt & Mr. Vipul Patel. I got chance to assist Mr. Maulik Shah & Mr. Ruchir Brahmbhatt and they are the most generous, humble, understanding, intelligent, jolly  bosses I have ever seen. I can say that adjectives will be finished, but qualities of my bosses won’t finished. They used to give very open and friendly environment. Not because they are working in open source technologies, but because they believe in unity, team spirit, innovations, learning, growth and much more. They never say, “I am the boss” statement and always listen to the other side of the coin even if they took decision, they listen to each & every small or big idea or suggestion carefully, think over it and implement it without considering the designation of the ecosmobian given it. They consider the opinions of each & every employee.

Ecosmob gives platform to employees to work on various technologies like PHP, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Joomla, WordPress. Our directors always take initiation in adapting new technologies like webrtc, M2M & allow developers to learn it and perform according to their interest rather than the initial job-role offered to that employee.

Apart from working, Ecosmob gives equal attention to fun and learning activities. Ecosmobians used to have learning technical sessions by seniors and juniors as per their experiences. We used to share our technical & non-technical problems & solutions with each other. We used to have employee birthday celebrations, play games, go for movies, earn prizes & rewards. We go for Garba, we dance together, we act together, we sing together. We are the family. The family called – The Ecosmobians 🙂

Neither my directors nor anyone else asked me to say or write this, but this is what I feel and would like to share with everyone, I’m working with Ecosmob from past 3-4 months, but I feel like I am working with the company from many years because of friendly and liberal environment at the company which satisfied the saying that “sometimes single meeting is enough to know & understand the one we were looking for”.  I am feeling privileged to work with such cool & friendly colleagues and the most liberal, intelligent, smart & handsome directors 🙂 who satisfy the meaning of Ecosmob means cosmos of eCommerce & mobile. For ecosmobians, it’s a cosmos of learning, growth, success, achievement & fun. We get an open sky to fly higher & higher with the wings of our own abilities. I really feel proud to be an Ecosmobian and I wish to be with Ecosmob forever and ever 🙂

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Author Bio

Ash Vyas SEO

Ash Vyas – Internet Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an internet Marketing manager at Ecosmob handling digital marketing activities like SEO, SMO, Linkbuilding.
Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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