Time To Say Goodbye

Kal koi mujhko yaad kare.
Kyu koi mujhko yaad kare?!.
Mashroof zamana mere liye kyu waqt apana barbad kare?

After journeying for more than 3 years; 171 Blogs; and so many writers sharing their heart and mind out, this is time for Ecosmobian Corner to wave bye to you all. Interestingly, my post was the first post and mine is the last one. It became a custom to post Blog on Wednesday. 🙂

Ah! How can a Blog make us so attached, nah? It’s somewhere like part of life may be to all of us getting a Blog published on Wednesday. 🙂 Reading something different than codes, proposals and client emails. Ah! Nothing to be so senti. I used to say to people close to me,
One day everyone will leave the other one for one reason or another. Nobody going to be staying together forever.

People used to argue with me “I won’t”. But, destiny plays its role and they have to go. In fact, the funny thing is people who show more confidence to be there forever, leave early and in a way that can’t be shared even. Have you experienced this, too? I would like to arz(say) something on this note,
Akshar Zindgibhar sath nibhane ka vada karnewale 2 kadam b sath nahi chal pate hai.
Toofano me sath nibhane ka dava karne wale, hawao k rukh k sath mood jate hai.

What I’m trying to say in simple words is that this is the last Blog of Ecosmobian Corner. This Blogging platform is shutting down. Why? Well,

Puchho na mujhe hal-e-dil ka fasaana, ye wo raaz hai jo seh b na paye or keh b na paye.
Apano ne hi toda dil gairo k liye k aaj air ho gaye apane aur hum ho gaye paraye

1 more 1 more
“Na puch hal-e-dil ka fasana k hoke zhar zhar nikle teri galiyo se, Aey Dost!
Tuti khwahso k ye bozh liye bad bekarar nikle tere kuche se aey dost!

Ah, nothing that serious. Just given life to my inner sayara with above lines as this is the last time to write here so blabbed a bit. There is no specific reason, But, yes, we are closing this Blog platform with this Blog post.


At the end, I would like to thank all those writers who shared their stories and knowledge here. Thanks to all those readers who read my lengthy blogs. And too many thanks to those who actually appreciated my writing and shares. 🙂

At last note to all who are reading this I would say always always appreciate something you find good. That encourages that person to continue doing that good thing. Generally, we don’t appreciate by thinking she/he already knows she/he is a good writer. What to say in that? Or mummy cooks well is a global fact, what to appreciate in that? No. Appreciation is a must thing. It not only encourage the next person, but also pass a message I value you and yours this good thing. Ah last lesson shared by me on this Blog.

Alright alright. Nobody is going to be sentimental anymore. The Blog is shutting down, but my pen is not. If anyone of you likes my writing or like reading my blab (lavaari), you can subscribe to my personal Blog: https://lavaarivato.wordpress.com/

I’m also starting a video channel, which will have videos (more of audios) with some inspirational stories. You can also subscribe to that channel. To give a glimpse of it, here is one of the videos shared by me on that channel.


If you are thinking, why to subscribe? Well, the subscription will update you with a new Blog post or video addition so in your leisure time in case you want to freshen up, you can explore those.

And if you are fade up enough to not subscrib, 1 line for you,
Acha Chalati hu duwao mein yaad rakhana

And listen, I will be happy to publish your Blog there, too. Of course with your author bio. 🙂 So you can send your Blog post to me.

And before make final adieu, wana do some last blabbing (lavaari)
I can see you hate me, but I can’t see you hate yourself!
I’m fine letting me down, but I wouldn’t like you to let yourself down!
I’m ready to lose anything and everything, but I just don’t want you to lose smallest thing!
You are free to call these feelings whatever you want to!
I will call it, Friendship, Compassion, Maturity and above all, HUMANITY!!!!
That’s Me as Me; Not Less; Not More; That’s Me as Me;
Love me Like me or Leave me or hate me, but I”ll be always there whenever you need!
That’s Me as Me; Not Less; Not More; That’s Me as Me;

Thank you all. God bless.

This is Ashvini Vyas signing off from Ecosmobian corner.

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Ash Vyas – Digital Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

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Happy New Year Gift 2017

What is love? Is it holding someone tight with your love thread so he/she can’t fly out of your range or is it let him/her set free to fly in the open sky up above there with a trust that after touching his/her most desired height, he/she will come straight back to me only to tell his/her story of success and achieved milestone? 🙂

Well, that’s not this blog is about! It is just a random thought share. 😛

This blog is about gifting something to the people around you. 2017 has started so let’s make it good for someone by gifting something. But, what should you gift? And to whom? Humm, difficult question. Well, I have an idea which I’m gonna pursue throughout 2017 to add some value in others’ life with my small gift.

Oh too much of build up! That’s I am. Coming straight to the point. I want to gift a good habit or may be two. 🙂 Well, I think there are a few good habits we all want to cultivate, but we can’t because of our own excuses. I just want to give a list of habits you can adopt this year and try to live up to. As I am gifting it to you, feel free to come to me if any support you need from me.

1. Adopt any one healthy living habit
You can do a simplest thing, which me and a few inspired friends are doing. Start eating fruits. At least once in a day. You can go on tough habit as well like waking up early and go for a jog or meditation or something else.

2. Cultivate reading habit
I know we all are so busy that we rarely get time to breath, but reading is MUST HAVE HABIT for a person who want to grow in his/her life. Start with small, may be a small blog and then a few more blogs and then a book. Little or more, you decide. But, you must have some time in a day or week to read. Believe me it will play miraculous role in your growth, both personally and professionally.

3. Do not give up
Life knocks us down brutally sometimes, but to give us a chance to take a strong leap to bounce back. We are not defeated until we give our weapons down. Do not give up, no matter what the situation is!

4. Let’s spread good habits
If there is some one you can hep with, do not think for a second. Just go for it. Help the one to get what they want to with your fullest. If someone wants to adopt a good habit, be the much needed support. It feels awesome to see someone adopting good habit because of you. 😉

5. Do not lie uselessly
This is a must have habit for your own and others betterment. You can say it’s a gift for to others 🙂 Sometimes just for a few trivial selfish gains and sometimes without any particular reason, people lie. People lie to others and their ownselves as well. Why? Even God doesn’t know. This year try not to lie. Telling truth all the time is not possible I know, but not to lie is possible. Whenever you come across a situation when you feel you don’t want to tell the truth, just say, “let’s not discuss this” or say “I don’t want to tell you”, or say “I am not sure about it”, but please do not lie. As today or tomorrow truth will come out and this will break trust of the person you lied to and the person might not able to trust anyone else ever again. It’s less about your own image and more about contribution towards humanity 🙂

These are 5 things from my side. You can have more like forgiving someone, chasing your dreamss or something else.

Let’s make this year actually happy for us and others.

Next week the Blog will come with an amazing surprise for all the readers of Ecosmobian Corner so tighten your belt for the same 🙂 😛

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Ash Vyas SEO

Ash Vyas – Digital Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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What Are Your New Year Resolutions for 2017?

“Tuta ye dil to taklif bahot huyi,
Fir dekha koi apana khus hai use todke to khushi Kuch ziyada hi hui”

I had written this last year, which popped up on Facebook as memory. I just shared it 🙂 Ufhyumma, why so serious? Just wipe away that wrinkle from forehead and gift yourself a mild smile.

Coming back to the topic. 2016 is going and 2017 is coming. A whole new year, which wants to embrace you with lovely memories and mind-blowing opportunities. You can grab each opportunity, but for that you have to be in an alert mode else 2017 will also pass ordinarily. I want to share my own quote here:

Most of the people lost life changing opportunities in life either because they’re not attentive enough to identify it as an opportunity or they take too much in taking decision.

Don’t fall in any of these categories. Make 2017 the best year ever. How? Make a list of mindful resolutions. To make your dreams true, you have to 1st dream and then work for it. Instead of making upcoming year an aimless hunting; make it worth living.

I know most of the time new year resolutions fail. Mine last year list of resolutions failed miserably. Yah, but I learned a lot from it. I took a wrong direction, which failed me to achieve that list, but it taught me so many things which made me a better person and given me a whole new direction. At least, I have the satisfaction that I tried something.

A future entrepreneur shared a very good line with me in tea time which I strongly agree,

At our last time, we won’t regret for the opportunities we failed at; but, we will regret for the things we didn’t even try.

Come on! Make a list and give it a try. You can do it! And if you’re facing difficulty, come to me, I’ll surely be helpful. My fee is blessings with a cup of tea.

Okay let me pen down my new year resolutions, you might get idea to make your own from this.

1st of all I will try to achieve my last year’s list of resolutions https://ecosmobian.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/list-of-top-new-year-resolution-you-must-make-this-time/

Along with that

I will give it my all to the professional milestones I have set for me

I’m doing good professionally, that not only me, people around and beyond me says. But, I don’t want to settle down with this success. I know my sky is there, up above the stars. I have set a few near to impossible professional milestones for me. I’m going to give it my all to make those dreams come reality. I have the caliber and determination. Just say, “God Bless You” to me because sometimes people fail just because of their misfortune.

I will give equal importance to me as I give to my people

This one you must take. I know as a person, as a loving person, we all give so much importance to our people that we put ourselves behind. We scarifies almost everything and see that the same people take our sacrifices for granted. They even don’t notice that. It’s not their mistake. It’s our mistake. Don’t stop giving importance to important people in your life, just make sure you don’t lose your own identity in that.

I will preserve & use what I learned in 2016

2016 was the year of learning in all ways. I’m gonna make sure whatever I have learned, I don’t let it go wasted. I use that in 2017 and upcoming years by making it part of me, my personality and actions.

Be prepared for the best and the worst

Life is uncertain. We never know when what will happen! Be prepared to get the best gift from the person you think is your enemy. And stay ready to get backstabbed from the person you think will always protect you. 🙂 This will not protect you from the shock and pain, but it will make you well prepared to accept the fact and deal with it courageously. :), if it happens. I pray it doesn’t to anyone.

Try something extremely new

Trying new things is risky, but really fun. Do something crazy and make your life memorable than making it the ordinary one.

Achieve this bucket-list

I’m going to give my best to live up to the promises I made to myself. I’m going to try to achieve this bucket list and much more.

Hey 2017! It’s me who is coming, not you. So are you ready, 2017? 🙂

What I pray to God?

Oh God! Please bless me with strength and positivity to be a good person to help others and chase my own professional and personal dreams. And yes, I have become strong enough so please don’t apply any special effects or persons in 2017 to make me stronger. Please read below image 🙂


LOL. I know God won’t come down to read the Blog, but by reading it, you just passed my message to God. Thanks 🙂

If you need any help, I’m just a message/call away. 🙂 Make your list today!

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Ash Vyas SEO

Ash Vyas – Digital Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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2016 Year In Review: Huhahahahha Hihihihi Hehehehe Hohohoho Huhuhu

2016 is going so give it a superb smile, guys and gals, come on! :))))))

This Blog gonna be too long as I have so much to share. Of course, I”ll try to keep it short, but still I dare anyone would read it whole in one go except me. LOL.

Year 2016 is waving goodbye. If anyone ask you hows your year? You might say, excellent or worst. But, hey hey hey! Hold it on before making comment. What you’re saying is just a quick glance of the things you either recently faced or the major incidences you remember. Give yourself some time, play a rewind button; explore old pics and memories, then only you will be able to make a conclusion how was it! I’m saying this because when I asked 1 of my friends, how’s your 2016? She wasn’t much happy. When I said mine was wonderful. She denied to believe and said even mine was the worst. So here you go baby, let’s see how was my 2016!!!!

When I actually looked back at passed 2016, a line of one of my favorite song buzzed my mind:
Is Zindgi ka Sukriya, Sadke me Uparwale!!!!

My 2016 was one of the most memorable, awesome, amazing, outstanding and wonderful years I ever had! Honestly, I don’t have enough adjectives. 2016 gave me so much. 2016 is the year which made me fallen in love.

“Uff! Ye saal, kya bataaye dil ka hal. Kuch bekashiya, kuch bebasiya,
fir b hume hai iske har 1 lamhe se beintehasa pyaar” ❤

Wah wah. 🙂 This year made me realize I’m stronger than I always thought I’m. It allowed me to prove how good friend and person I’m! And so much more. Lemme quickly pen down a few highlights.

Let’s 1st check professionally. On professional front it was the year of growth and achievements!img_20160912_202954 professional-seminar

  • I tried a few exceptionally interesting,challenging and new things.
  • I got a lovely lovely later from a college student who used to follow me since 2014 when I given a remote webinar to Singapore University students
  • I got an opportunity to become a domain expert speaker in Patel Group of Institute where students from different colleges came
  • I got an opportunity to meet some influential people like Mr. Motiwala

Now personally 🙂 🙂 🙂
2016 started with Uttarayana celebration with family. For many years, I wasn’t celebrating this festival for no particular reason But, this time we had guest at our home and with my naughty side I hosted it too well and made it really memorable for them with limitless shouting, laughter, selfies and fun.

February came with an amazing season of friendship and new opportunities. 🙂 I loved it. I had some amazing tea time, lunch and dinner gatherings with office friends and I loved each moment of laughter we shared together. I will lifetime cherish the lunch date on the Khatala (bed) of Haribhai with Rachana 😀

Ah I can’t write each month else you guys gonna kill me so lemme fast forward it 🙂

I warmly welcomed a dearest friend from UK (Uttarakhand) in Gujarat and had an amazing time with her in a very few days. Both of us will always remember the Talegadh. LOL. That journey made me learn a few mistakes make journey more memorable. Also, how you perceive situation, specifically helpless situation, is important! 🙂

I hadn’t celebrated friendship day for so many years. But, this year I celebrated it in a way which nobody might do!frdshipday On just one message, a friend just came for it. How sweet! 🙂 And then, we were “kabhi yaha, kabhi waha”.. What actually aimless wandering is! And how fun it can be was realized on that day. Aw…!!!

Then, The trip of Tirupati Natural park with friends family. The whole trip was amazing. The highlights were, “Pakoda.. Paneer Pakoda”. The Google map which was asking us to jump into a fun-withdeterminationland 😀 The bull ride, rifle shooting, rope swing, and unlimited shouting with selfies. 😀 Whoa man! It was awesome.

img_20161011_222618I went to the place I wanted to go for so many years, Diu. 🙂 Had some Me time 🙂

I gave treat of fafada jalebi on my birthday. I find it unusual, but colleagues enjoyed that feast.

I flew for the first time in airplane 😀

I took myself away from work for a whole week!! 😮 Ufyumma. And 2-3 days were actually when work untouched. Even I can’t believe I could do it! 🙂 Back 2 back 2 trips in 2 different directions of Indian geography. Utarakhand to Madhyapradesh via Gujarat. 😉

The trip of Delhi, Mussoorie, Nilkanth via Dehradoon was mesmerizing and peaceful while I was really looking to get escaped from certain things.

unspecified-12_1481731145724We had a road trip just like “Dil Chahata Hai” movie plot. Oh gosh! Those beautiful scenery, songs img_20161210_095721and silly us. 😀 The most memorable moments were, “Takatak Samosa are fresh?!.:P”. Hotel Balaji :P. ROFL. Those too much overdose of morning and evening walks. Hulala thumaka 😀 Dance of KP. Oye hoye! Aimless strolling; Treasure hunt for swimming pool; Vishu; Dancing kid and above all, the item I always wanted to check off from my crazy bucket list, I did crazy dance. Oh god! Oh God! That pagal barat dance was ufhyummaaa. It was wooooooow woman!! I always wanted to do that. I thought nobody know me in Ratalam and wedding so I just danced my heart out, but that made me famous all around! 😐 Ah! Celebrities can’t hide their talent and can’t stop themselves getting famous. 😛 And have to mention, The “Wakhra Swag”. Whoa!!

So many things, memories, experiences I have been gifted by 2016. Thanks a ton to all who made it so special and God for being so kind to me. 🙂

do-raheYes, of course, I also had to face difficult time like anyone else. But, that’s okay. I forgive and forget all that to cherish the best I had. If I emphasize on what I lost in 2016 then I can say, this year took everything except the good memories, learning and experiences I got. But, I look at it this way:

Sometimes, God takes away everything because he wants to keep your hands empty to give you a bigger thing he is planning for you”. 🙂

Ah I’m so positive! 🙂

In a nutshell,

  • Search for a best friend is over 😉
  • I tried a few extremely new things
  • I got a new dream which I’m all set to chase in 2017
  • Live at fullest with whatever and whoever you have at the moment because you never know when you have to give that all up for no valid reason 😀
  • Believe the action instead of words because words,opinions and people may change with time (That’s okay)
  • Packaging makes a huge difference. Even a quality thing get rotten in storeroom if its packaging is not up-to-the-mark.
  • We mustn’t make growth/success/betterment of someone our mission, especially, when they’re not serious for the same; Be helpful, but don’t go crazy for that
  • I got to know I’m much stronger than I ever thoughtimg_20160610_133856
  • I have too much of patience and self control. I can be quite; absolutely quite (hard to believe, but true)
  • I’m too good friend & human being 🙂 (I loved this one)
  • Even if things go wrong I can take it all positively with a broad smile.
  • So on and so forth.

Was that too much of self praise? So? This year also taught me if you won’t love yourself, nobody else will. You have to take stand for yourself and self respect. And ya, in the beginning of this Blog, I mentioned I have fallen in love. Yes, I’m in in-depth love with me. 🙂 ❤ I found each color of mine and loved everything I got in 2016.

Even my Insfollowerstagram follower stat I saw in morning says, 143 to me ❤



I’m excited for 2017 and the gifts waiting for me!!! 2017 going to be even more happening as now I have learned flying 🙂 And, I’m gonna fly!!! Hey you, too, look back and see how actually your 2016 was!?.

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Ash Vyas SEO

Ash Vyas – Digital Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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Life Is Repetitive?!.

life-facebook-status-18883Facebook shows us memories we shared in same date. It made me feel in the past years, almost similar emotions. Is it like we go through the same process with different people?

In fact, there are 3 almost similar incidences happened in my life. I recalled it in the morning while the chain of thoughts was going on based on a few recent happenings in my life. All 3 are almost similar, somewhat funny(now I feel so), somewhat tragic and ….. Let’s take one by one.

First Incident:
This happened almost 7 years ago. I had a best friend and then we had started having some differences due to some issues (I even don’t remember those issues as I believe in preserving the good memories and discarding the bad experiences). I asked him to end the friendship on a god note, but he said no, we made this way long I wouldn’t like to let go a friend like you. We were occasionally talking.

Once in the late evening I got his call and he said, “I’m hospitalized.
What? Why?”, I forgot I was angry and upset with him and got concerned.
Lack of enough blood.”, And he explained a little more.

I called her mother after his call to confirm as he used to make mistakes and then lie like this to make me normal. His mother confirmed the news. It was night so I wait till next morning. I went to the office, but couldn’t stop myself more. I took a leave and rush to see him. All the way 100 ft Seema Hall, Shyamal cross road to Patiya, Naroda. I wait for the bus, but couldn’t get it so took auto. Just like any Bollywood movie, I was worried all the way, asking driver to go fast. Reached hospital, almost ran towards his room and when I opened the door, what I saw? He was crowded by 6-7 other boys, all of them were laughing and having tea. He was also having biscuits and tea and laughing. Yes, a glucose bottle was making its way into his veins. I stood in the door, trying to catch my breath and the scene. One of his friends saw me and grabbed his attention towards me. I stayed concerned for his health for a week until he recovered. Our friendship started getting diluted a bit, then after. In between he got a girl in his life. He got busy with her and I with my love-My work 🙂 Then……. He still calls me when he is in the situation when he feels nobody is there for him. 🙂

2nd similar incidence:
There was a colleague in the office. I thought she was my best friend. She was of a little impulsive nature. After some time of our friendship, I faced her impulsive nature. She complained about me to HR and I had to face the tough things due to her. When I said, let’s finish this friendship. She said, if you do so I’ll resign. I wouldn’t like to let go a friend like you. I wouldn’t like anything wrong happen to anyone, so I continued being her friend and she continued bothering me 😀

One day in the morning when I was in the office, I received her call. She was crying and said, “Ashvini, could you come down to my home? My mom is unwell.”

I forgot our relations are bitter. I got reckless. I rushed to my manager’s cabin, asked him for full day leave and rushed. I just escaped an accident while crossing the road. This time too, couldn’t get the bus so took auto. The building elevator shown me out of order board & I didn’t know there was one more elevator. I climbed 7 or 8 floors. When I made my way to her door, she was sitting with her father in the drawing room. She gets me in with a smiling face; served me water. Then, shown me a bell and said, “See my art. This is cone work.” Then, she shown me a few more art pieces of her. Again, I was trying to get my breath and understand the situation. After a few minutes I asked worriedly, “Where is your mother?”. She was in the bedroom. I met her. Yes, she was sick. I stayed there for the whole day and stayed concerned for a long for her mother. Then our friendship started getting diluted. A boy gets into her life. She got busy with him and I with my love-my work 🙂 Then…. She still calls me when she is in the situation when she feels nobody is there for her.

I’m not in regular touch with them. Also, they rarely seek to me as they know I’m still there for them, but not with the same feelings as I had at that time. They only seek to me when they feel nobody else can understand them the way I do! I used to provide all support they need as a good human being my parents taught me to be, but can’t be the friend I was! They miss me as a piece of heart, which needs a true friend (they told me this). 🙂 I can’t tell them, but I wish I could convey them if you’re gone please stay gone. Don’t come back 🙂 because if you will, dear person, you know I’m the best friend and I always have to be which I don’t want to for you and you know the reason, why not! 🙂

Why I wrote this? Well, almost similar thing happened in the recent past. That 3rd story is yet incomplete and that’s 7e75dd4e-7e4a-455f-9821-001abea80907-originalwhy I haven’t put many important facts of the earlier similar 2 stories which are hidden in those dots I have put. 🙂 I just thought to write because I felt interestingly life is a round and same things happen with us 🙂 Start noticing, it’s interesting! You can predict your own future. 😉 Also, years later when I’ll read this it will remind me thing and put a smile on my face. Because moments when becomes memory giggle us if they were painful and make us cry if they were cheerful. This is how it works 🙂

What is the learning lesson? Too many or none! But, when I recalled it, it made me smile that I went hurriedly and they were okay not in that bad situation as I thought. 🙂  All I can say is keep on doing all good, no matter what you get back. 🙂 Because, God is watching. 🙂 😉

Want to end with lyrics of one of my friend’s fav. Song:
Andhera tera maine le liya
Mera ujla sitara tere naam kiya

Mehfil mein teri
Hum na rahein jo
Gum toh nahi hai

Tere rukh se apna raasta
Mod ke chala…
Chandan hoon main
Apni khushboo
Chhod ke chala…

Man ki maya rakh ke
Tere takiye tale
Bairaagi ka soofi chola
Odh ke chala…


Zindgi Atrange Gulo Se Gulzaar Hai!

“Zingi badi ajeeb,

Kabhi khushiyo me bhi gham dhundh leti h to kabhi gham me hajaro khushiya….
Kabhi apno me bhi duriya dhundh leti h to kabhi begano me kam hoti duriya..
Zindgi kuch ajib lamho ka ansuna sa falasafa hai yaha
Zindgi GulZar Hai yaha…. “

Exact before a year on the same day, I had written above mentioned lines and these are still so true! My memory is good enough to lemme recall what was happening last year which made me written those lines. Last year, everything new was happening in my life. My very close friend had left for her new venture in life. I was meeting new people who had made me feel so good with their colors of friendship! 🙂 We had entered in new office. We explored a cool place where we could go for tea and some friendly relaxation time. So much fun , laughter and cherishable things were happening in last year December!

Things are way too different this year. A few things are changed upside down. For instance, our tea place is ruined by AMC department which was out of our office building. Last year, we friends were planning to go to Ranuttsav together. One of friends said, we”ll go next year, and now that next year won’t come ever. 🙂 Our company grown remarkably in this past year. I get new roles and responsibilities. So and so forth! This might have happened to you, too. You might have lose and gain something/many things.

In the morning, when I read my above lines, I felt like this is the way we all must look at LiFe. It’s beautiful, Life of course along with me :). It has flowers of all colors along with a few leafs and a few thorns, too. And all these together makes our LifE beautiful, full of fragrances. 🙂

Life is showering different flowers on us and we are responsible to look at it in a way we want to. For ex: if someone gets too much work; he can take it either as a workload or as an opportunity to test own limits and capabilities.

Also, I used to hear people either blame others or say I will do this and that to show him/her. He/She will understand my value when I won’t be there for him/her. 😀 I”d say, leave all these mundane things. I mean why not to channelize your energy to do something good for you and people around you. And what if someone will understand your value after your departure! 😛 Get out of this daily soap life of drama, revenge, tears, etc. 😀 No matter who is doing what, you mustn’t leave positive approach and goodwill for all because no matter who know/don’t-know your worth, God is watching everything and will surely give sweet fruits of your good deeds sooner or later. Have faith!

Even if you don’t believe in God, science talks about law of attraction. According to which, if we stay happy, we attract happiness and vise verse.

We all are running behind what we don’t have and losing the important things/people who are there for us even if when we’re not there for them. With our ignorant attitude, we lose them and then, we complaint I never get what I want. Funny we?! Sometimes, things might go dramatically wrong even if you’re doing everything right, we call it misfortune. But, look at it in a way like you’re writing a heroic story with all these odds. You’re the gifted and chosen one to make the difference. It’s all about our perspective towards things, taking decisions which are right and always think for everyone’s goodwill and happiness!

Aw! I think I have get into my never ending philosophical mode. 🙂 So cutting it short to save your time if you made to come this long. I would say, embrace everything you have at the moment in the most beautiful way possible. Look at everything with a positive perspective because this is the only way we can thank God for giving us so many things which many are seeking to get! And, who knows next year we have this or not! So say it with me,

“Chahe kante ho ya gul, chahe patzar ho ya bahaar, Sukriya a uparwale teri inaayato ka, jo baksha tune muje ye tohfa-a-gulzaar.”

It means thank you God for all the sweet moments and tough battles of my life. Together all these made my life Remarkable!

*મોદી તો અઘરી નોટ છે! ભાઈ…ભાઈ…*

Date : 08-11-2016
News : Indian Government is demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupee notes!
Moto : To clean the dirt of 70 years.

Blank………………………………What is going onnnnnn….?? 😐

“500 and 1000 rupee notes are just worthless piece of paper while lower denomination of Rs 100, Rs 50, Rs 20, Rs 10, Rs 5, Rs 2 and Re 1 and all coins will continue to be valid.”

|| People were appreciating PM’s step against Corruption.
Criticizing him for his steps by giving the statement, ‘He is showing off’
News channels got the
Mobile phones were ringing… Calls, Text messages, Whatsapp messages-images
Traffic jammed at night 11 as from midnight, surgical strike gonna begin against Corruption!
And Banks and ATMs are going to be closed for next 2 days. ||

Festive season has just ended, people were still in vacation mood and Modiji announced this “Sansani khabar”.
People with money are sleepless and people who are sleeping are moneyless.

Actually this is the time to congratulate each other for voting this man as a PM of INDIA !

I really don’t want to criticize anyone here but
We had seen Anna Hazare asking for Jan Lokpal,
We saw Arvind Kejriwal talking about India against corruption.
We had seen Baba Ramdev getting lathis for asking corruption free state.

When these people were busy in Distributing crores, Prime Minister Modi was planning something big.
And It is now in front of us.
I think this bold move by government going to change India’s future.
Here, I am referring to those who criticized him for not mentioning corruption in his first August 15 Independence Day address at the Red Fort, Modi said: “Some people said I did not say anything about corruption in my address on Independence Day. Let me remind them, I had talked about the ‘mera kya’ and ‘mujhe kya’ culture of corruption which has ruined this country. This has to change now.” 😠😑
I found this clip when Modiji came to Gujarat for a kind of inauguration and made people aware that once the Government decides to do a kind of surgical strike, people having black money will be sleepless! પણ તેનાં વિરોધ માંથી કોઈ ઉંચા આવે તૌ સમજાય ને….. 😀

He is also aware of the powers and people that have gone against him after this announcement. He knows they can destroy him but he said, “Let them do what they want but I am cleaning the dirt of 70 years. Please give me just fifty days,” 🙂
We are facing problems in changing the notes!
Think how much problematic it is to change the whole country for him?
He is so sure to give us the Hindustan that we have always wanted – “Corruption-free India”. And for that he just wants all the honest people of his country to walk with him in this great war. Can’t we???

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Does Looks Really Matters?

You must have faced or heard of this question somewhere in your life. Haven’t you? Recently, I had just like that discussion with someone on this topic and have also experienced some weird incidences which made me think and talk about this topic here.

Most of the people, used to judge/like/dislike others based on their outer looks. Even most of us usually get worried if we get any scar, mark or pimple. We check the mirror on a daily basis [few people might check it more frequently :D] and talk with own selves like okay today I look more beautiful/handsome than yesterday and we smile on our good looks. It can also happen like, we look into the mirror and say oh my God! I have put on some weight, I have to loose it or Aw crap! there is an ugly pimple on my face, let me try some face packs to get rid of it. Do you think it is really worth to get worried so much about some extra pounds of weight and/or getting panic for pimples? Why? Don’t you love yourself as you are?

Can’t you love yourself with pimples, scars, marks, fat. Etc? I don’t think it affects your own-selves . It only affect when you are more concerned about what others are thinking about you and your looks? And if it so, do you really think you need to worry about those insane people who judge your beauty by your outer physics? Do you think they really deserve your efforts to look perfect according to their conceptions and imaginations? Especially, when they are not giving efforts to identify your inner beauty?

You know what, just don’t worry much about your physical appearance. It really doesn’t matter until and unless you are part of the glamour industry. Just love yourself as you are and give a damn to so called appearance conjecture. The people will love you as you are and they even never bother to measure your looks with fat, marks or scars. The people who know you as you, will love you unconditionally and never pay attention to such idiotic things 😉 If someone leaves/criticize you for your appearance, Trust me they just DO NOT DESERVE YOU 😉 🙂 If they comment on your looks negatively, just give them one of my fav. lines “It’s me as me, Love me or leave me” 😉 Don’t lose yourself for anyone by changing yourself to fit in someone’s good look criteria because if you don’t like/love yourself in a way you are, why should anyone else will?

Love yourself in a way you are because looks really doesn’t matter, your SOUL does 🙂

Source: http://talksfest.blogspot.in/2014/01/does-looks-really-matters.html

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Ash Vyas – Digital Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

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Write The Best Life Story!

your-life-storyDiwali is a Hindu festive season. One of the festivals gets celebrated in Diwali season is the Hindu New Year. As per a quote I had read, each new year is like a blank paper which gives us an opportunity to write a new story for our life and people connected with us. Of course, we can’t erase the past stories, but we can give a turning point to our story. I’m not gonna give too long motivational speech today as it’s your life, your rule! Just want to say that your life is your story! You are lead character of it. So make it the best one!

The fun thing is Hindu new year comes before a few months of  calendar new year followed by the whole world. So you can define your goals of story for next year and recheck those after 2 months in the calendar new year. If you are not on the track, you can get yourself on the track of your right awesome story of your life.

This is it! May be the shortest Blog I have ever written! I hope my message went across! And you write the best chapter in an upcoming year for your life story!


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Ash Vyas – Digital Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

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Empower the Needful

There was a truck driver called Bahadursinh making his living by driving truck on contract basis. He lives in a very small village of Punjab. In his family, he has a sick mother; a young sister for whom he needs to arrange dowry; a widow sister with two small kids studying in primary and secondary schools. Bahadursinh always face shortage of money so each contract makes a big difference in his life.

As part of the contract, he was supposed to fetch a consignment from Ahmedabad. He was late and the shipment manager was angry on him. He asked him if he won’t reach in 10 minutes, the consignment will be given to another driver. He had to pay the fees of his nephew and buy medicine for her mother so he had to get this consignment. But, he wasn’t able to locate the address.

He went to a tea stall where a few people were standing and asked the address. One of them suggested to go straight and then take left.
Suddenly, a man next to him said, “No, that’s a long way. Take a right and get onto highway, then take left. It will make you reach quickly”.
The 1st man said, “No, there will be traffic. It will make him late. Go straight and take left.
The 2nd man said, “There can’t be traffic at this time. Go in the direction I verbalized.

Both of them started arguing and explaining how and why their suggested path is right. In between a few more people joined the herd. Some thought a quarrel happening and some thought might be an accident. More and more people started gathering. Different people with different judgments which led them to start asking like what happened and other people explaining them which was distracting whole conversation agenda. Even people started giving him different directions which made him more confused.

From somewhere a lady came, get the whole scenario and asked that truck driver to come behind me as I am going the same way. He went behind her and reached his destiny.

Instead of fighting on proving that the direction they are suggesting, one of them could have given up so at least Bahadursinh could start moving towards his destination. They both wanted him to reach his destination, so they could have come on some common suggestion. Bahadur himself could have been reactive to gauge which one of them sounds more credible and follow his direction with an instinct or he could have left both of them and move to ask some other wise man instead of wasting his precious time in listening the useless arguments.

Lessons from the story:

  • Instead of proving ourselves right, we should contribute in creating the situation right for the person who need our suggestions. It’s not about you, it’s about him and his betterment
  • Sometimes just to prove ourselves right, even if we want to do something good for someone, we do opposite and worsen the situation for him. So better to leave our selfish egoist side aside and get to a common ground or just give up by letting the next person win so at least the guy can move on towards his destiny.
  • Don’t be judgmental to satisfy your curiosity. Make sure to help the one or leave or just be quiet until the Needful get the solution so someone wants to help can help. Don’t distract those who are trying to help.
  • Lead by action. Not by words
  • When too many suggestions are coming, be wise enough to quickly decide which one to follow. If you can’t decide, leave the place find help somewhere else instead of wasting your time staying stealth.
Author Bio
Ash Vyas SEO

Ash Vyas – Digital Marketing Manager

Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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