Time To Say Goodbye

Kal koi mujhko yaad kare.
Kyu koi mujhko yaad kare?!.
Mashroof zamana mere liye kyu waqt apana barbad kare?

After journeying for more than 3 years; 171 Blogs; and so many writers sharing their heart and mind out, this is time for Ecosmobian Corner to wave bye to you all. Interestingly, my post was the first post and mine is the last one. It became a custom to post Blog on Wednesday. 🙂

Ah! How can a Blog make us so attached, nah? It’s somewhere like part of life may be to all of us getting a Blog published on Wednesday. 🙂 Reading something different than codes, proposals and client emails. Ah! Nothing to be so senti. I used to say to people close to me,
One day everyone will leave the other one for one reason or another. Nobody going to be staying together forever.

People used to argue with me “I won’t”. But, destiny plays its role and they have to go. In fact, the funny thing is people who show more confidence to be there forever, leave early and in a way that can’t be shared even. Have you experienced this, too? I would like to arz(say) something on this note,
Akshar Zindgibhar sath nibhane ka vada karnewale 2 kadam b sath nahi chal pate hai.
Toofano me sath nibhane ka dava karne wale, hawao k rukh k sath mood jate hai.

What I’m trying to say in simple words is that this is the last Blog of Ecosmobian Corner. This Blogging platform is shutting down. Why? Well,

Puchho na mujhe hal-e-dil ka fasaana, ye wo raaz hai jo seh b na paye or keh b na paye.
Apano ne hi toda dil gairo k liye k aaj air ho gaye apane aur hum ho gaye paraye

1 more 1 more
“Na puch hal-e-dil ka fasana k hoke zhar zhar nikle teri galiyo se, Aey Dost!
Tuti khwahso k ye bozh liye bad bekarar nikle tere kuche se aey dost!

Ah, nothing that serious. Just given life to my inner sayara with above lines as this is the last time to write here so blabbed a bit. There is no specific reason, But, yes, we are closing this Blog platform with this Blog post.


At the end, I would like to thank all those writers who shared their stories and knowledge here. Thanks to all those readers who read my lengthy blogs. And too many thanks to those who actually appreciated my writing and shares. 🙂

At last note to all who are reading this I would say always always appreciate something you find good. That encourages that person to continue doing that good thing. Generally, we don’t appreciate by thinking she/he already knows she/he is a good writer. What to say in that? Or mummy cooks well is a global fact, what to appreciate in that? No. Appreciation is a must thing. It not only encourage the next person, but also pass a message I value you and yours this good thing. Ah last lesson shared by me on this Blog.

Alright alright. Nobody is going to be sentimental anymore. The Blog is shutting down, but my pen is not. If anyone of you likes my writing or like reading my blab (lavaari), you can subscribe to my personal Blog: https://lavaarivato.wordpress.com/

I’m also starting a video channel, which will have videos (more of audios) with some inspirational stories. You can also subscribe to that channel. To give a glimpse of it, here is one of the videos shared by me on that channel.


If you are thinking, why to subscribe? Well, the subscription will update you with a new Blog post or video addition so in your leisure time in case you want to freshen up, you can explore those.

And if you are fade up enough to not subscrib, 1 line for you,
Acha Chalati hu duwao mein yaad rakhana

And listen, I will be happy to publish your Blog there, too. Of course with your author bio. 🙂 So you can send your Blog post to me.

And before make final adieu, wana do some last blabbing (lavaari)
I can see you hate me, but I can’t see you hate yourself!
I’m fine letting me down, but I wouldn’t like you to let yourself down!
I’m ready to lose anything and everything, but I just don’t want you to lose smallest thing!
You are free to call these feelings whatever you want to!
I will call it, Friendship, Compassion, Maturity and above all, HUMANITY!!!!
That’s Me as Me; Not Less; Not More; That’s Me as Me;
Love me Like me or Leave me or hate me, but I”ll be always there whenever you need!
That’s Me as Me; Not Less; Not More; That’s Me as Me;

Thank you all. God bless.

This is Ashvini Vyas signing off from Ecosmobian corner.

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Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

Likes : Blogging, net surfing, networking, travelling, photography
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