Happy New Year Gift 2017

What is love? Is it holding someone tight with your love thread so he/she can’t fly out of your range or is it let him/her set free to fly in the open sky up above there with a trust that after touching his/her most desired height, he/she will come straight back to me only to tell his/her story of success and achieved milestone? 🙂

Well, that’s not this blog is about! It is just a random thought share. 😛

This blog is about gifting something to the people around you. 2017 has started so let’s make it good for someone by gifting something. But, what should you gift? And to whom? Humm, difficult question. Well, I have an idea which I’m gonna pursue throughout 2017 to add some value in others’ life with my small gift.

Oh too much of build up! That’s I am. Coming straight to the point. I want to gift a good habit or may be two. 🙂 Well, I think there are a few good habits we all want to cultivate, but we can’t because of our own excuses. I just want to give a list of habits you can adopt this year and try to live up to. As I am gifting it to you, feel free to come to me if any support you need from me.

1. Adopt any one healthy living habit
You can do a simplest thing, which me and a few inspired friends are doing. Start eating fruits. At least once in a day. You can go on tough habit as well like waking up early and go for a jog or meditation or something else.

2. Cultivate reading habit
I know we all are so busy that we rarely get time to breath, but reading is MUST HAVE HABIT for a person who want to grow in his/her life. Start with small, may be a small blog and then a few more blogs and then a book. Little or more, you decide. But, you must have some time in a day or week to read. Believe me it will play miraculous role in your growth, both personally and professionally.

3. Do not give up
Life knocks us down brutally sometimes, but to give us a chance to take a strong leap to bounce back. We are not defeated until we give our weapons down. Do not give up, no matter what the situation is!

4. Let’s spread good habits
If there is some one you can hep with, do not think for a second. Just go for it. Help the one to get what they want to with your fullest. If someone wants to adopt a good habit, be the much needed support. It feels awesome to see someone adopting good habit because of you. 😉

5. Do not lie uselessly
This is a must have habit for your own and others betterment. You can say it’s a gift for to others 🙂 Sometimes just for a few trivial selfish gains and sometimes without any particular reason, people lie. People lie to others and their ownselves as well. Why? Even God doesn’t know. This year try not to lie. Telling truth all the time is not possible I know, but not to lie is possible. Whenever you come across a situation when you feel you don’t want to tell the truth, just say, “let’s not discuss this” or say “I don’t want to tell you”, or say “I am not sure about it”, but please do not lie. As today or tomorrow truth will come out and this will break trust of the person you lied to and the person might not able to trust anyone else ever again. It’s less about your own image and more about contribution towards humanity 🙂

These are 5 things from my side. You can have more like forgiving someone, chasing your dreamss or something else.

Let’s make this year actually happy for us and others.

Next week the Blog will come with an amazing surprise for all the readers of Ecosmobian Corner so tighten your belt for the same 🙂 😛

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