2016 Year In Review: Huhahahahha Hihihihi Hehehehe Hohohoho Huhuhu

2016 is going so give it a superb smile, guys and gals, come on! :))))))

This Blog gonna be too long as I have so much to share. Of course, I”ll try to keep it short, but still I dare anyone would read it whole in one go except me. LOL.

Year 2016 is waving goodbye. If anyone ask you hows your year? You might say, excellent or worst. But, hey hey hey! Hold it on before making comment. What you’re saying is just a quick glance of the things you either recently faced or the major incidences you remember. Give yourself some time, play a rewind button; explore old pics and memories, then only you will be able to make a conclusion how was it! I’m saying this because when I asked 1 of my friends, how’s your 2016? She wasn’t much happy. When I said mine was wonderful. She denied to believe and said even mine was the worst. So here you go baby, let’s see how was my 2016!!!!

When I actually looked back at passed 2016, a line of one of my favorite song buzzed my mind:
Is Zindgi ka Sukriya, Sadke me Uparwale!!!!

My 2016 was one of the most memorable, awesome, amazing, outstanding and wonderful years I ever had! Honestly, I don’t have enough adjectives. 2016 gave me so much. 2016 is the year which made me fallen in love.

“Uff! Ye saal, kya bataaye dil ka hal. Kuch bekashiya, kuch bebasiya,
fir b hume hai iske har 1 lamhe se beintehasa pyaar” ❤

Wah wah. 🙂 This year made me realize I’m stronger than I always thought I’m. It allowed me to prove how good friend and person I’m! And so much more. Lemme quickly pen down a few highlights.

Let’s 1st check professionally. On professional front it was the year of growth and achievements!img_20160912_202954 professional-seminar

  • I tried a few exceptionally interesting,challenging and new things.
  • I got a lovely lovely later from a college student who used to follow me since 2014 when I given a remote webinar to Singapore University students
  • I got an opportunity to become a domain expert speaker in Patel Group of Institute where students from different colleges came
  • I got an opportunity to meet some influential people like Mr. Motiwala

Now personally 🙂 🙂 🙂
2016 started with Uttarayana celebration with family. For many years, I wasn’t celebrating this festival for no particular reason But, this time we had guest at our home and with my naughty side I hosted it too well and made it really memorable for them with limitless shouting, laughter, selfies and fun.

February came with an amazing season of friendship and new opportunities. 🙂 I loved it. I had some amazing tea time, lunch and dinner gatherings with office friends and I loved each moment of laughter we shared together. I will lifetime cherish the lunch date on the Khatala (bed) of Haribhai with Rachana 😀

Ah I can’t write each month else you guys gonna kill me so lemme fast forward it 🙂

I warmly welcomed a dearest friend from UK (Uttarakhand) in Gujarat and had an amazing time with her in a very few days. Both of us will always remember the Talegadh. LOL. That journey made me learn a few mistakes make journey more memorable. Also, how you perceive situation, specifically helpless situation, is important! 🙂

I hadn’t celebrated friendship day for so many years. But, this year I celebrated it in a way which nobody might do!frdshipday On just one message, a friend just came for it. How sweet! 🙂 And then, we were “kabhi yaha, kabhi waha”.. What actually aimless wandering is! And how fun it can be was realized on that day. Aw…!!!

Then, The trip of Tirupati Natural park with friends family. The whole trip was amazing. The highlights were, “Pakoda.. Paneer Pakoda”. The Google map which was asking us to jump into a fun-withdeterminationland 😀 The bull ride, rifle shooting, rope swing, and unlimited shouting with selfies. 😀 Whoa man! It was awesome.

img_20161011_222618I went to the place I wanted to go for so many years, Diu. 🙂 Had some Me time 🙂

I gave treat of fafada jalebi on my birthday. I find it unusual, but colleagues enjoyed that feast.

I flew for the first time in airplane 😀

I took myself away from work for a whole week!! 😮 Ufyumma. And 2-3 days were actually when work untouched. Even I can’t believe I could do it! 🙂 Back 2 back 2 trips in 2 different directions of Indian geography. Utarakhand to Madhyapradesh via Gujarat. 😉

The trip of Delhi, Mussoorie, Nilkanth via Dehradoon was mesmerizing and peaceful while I was really looking to get escaped from certain things.

unspecified-12_1481731145724We had a road trip just like “Dil Chahata Hai” movie plot. Oh gosh! Those beautiful scenery, songs img_20161210_095721and silly us. 😀 The most memorable moments were, “Takatak Samosa are fresh?!.:P”. Hotel Balaji :P. ROFL. Those too much overdose of morning and evening walks. Hulala thumaka 😀 Dance of KP. Oye hoye! Aimless strolling; Treasure hunt for swimming pool; Vishu; Dancing kid and above all, the item I always wanted to check off from my crazy bucket list, I did crazy dance. Oh god! Oh God! That pagal barat dance was ufhyummaaa. It was wooooooow woman!! I always wanted to do that. I thought nobody know me in Ratalam and wedding so I just danced my heart out, but that made me famous all around! 😐 Ah! Celebrities can’t hide their talent and can’t stop themselves getting famous. 😛 And have to mention, The “Wakhra Swag”. Whoa!!

So many things, memories, experiences I have been gifted by 2016. Thanks a ton to all who made it so special and God for being so kind to me. 🙂

do-raheYes, of course, I also had to face difficult time like anyone else. But, that’s okay. I forgive and forget all that to cherish the best I had. If I emphasize on what I lost in 2016 then I can say, this year took everything except the good memories, learning and experiences I got. But, I look at it this way:

Sometimes, God takes away everything because he wants to keep your hands empty to give you a bigger thing he is planning for you”. 🙂

Ah I’m so positive! 🙂

In a nutshell,

  • Search for a best friend is over 😉
  • I tried a few extremely new things
  • I got a new dream which I’m all set to chase in 2017
  • Live at fullest with whatever and whoever you have at the moment because you never know when you have to give that all up for no valid reason 😀
  • Believe the action instead of words because words,opinions and people may change with time (That’s okay)
  • Packaging makes a huge difference. Even a quality thing get rotten in storeroom if its packaging is not up-to-the-mark.
  • We mustn’t make growth/success/betterment of someone our mission, especially, when they’re not serious for the same; Be helpful, but don’t go crazy for that
  • I got to know I’m much stronger than I ever thoughtimg_20160610_133856
  • I have too much of patience and self control. I can be quite; absolutely quite (hard to believe, but true)
  • I’m too good friend & human being 🙂 (I loved this one)
  • Even if things go wrong I can take it all positively with a broad smile.
  • So on and so forth.

Was that too much of self praise? So? This year also taught me if you won’t love yourself, nobody else will. You have to take stand for yourself and self respect. And ya, in the beginning of this Blog, I mentioned I have fallen in love. Yes, I’m in in-depth love with me. 🙂 ❤ I found each color of mine and loved everything I got in 2016.

Even my Insfollowerstagram follower stat I saw in morning says, 143 to me ❤



I’m excited for 2017 and the gifts waiting for me!!! 2017 going to be even more happening as now I have learned flying 🙂 And, I’m gonna fly!!! Hey you, too, look back and see how actually your 2016 was!?.

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