Zindgi Atrange Gulo Se Gulzaar Hai!

“Zingi badi ajeeb,

Kabhi khushiyo me bhi gham dhundh leti h to kabhi gham me hajaro khushiya….
Kabhi apno me bhi duriya dhundh leti h to kabhi begano me kam hoti duriya..
Zindgi kuch ajib lamho ka ansuna sa falasafa hai yaha
Zindgi GulZar Hai yaha…. “

Exact before a year on the same day, I had written above mentioned lines and these are still so true! My memory is good enough to lemme recall what was happening last year which made me written those lines. Last year, everything new was happening in my life. My very close friend had left for her new venture in life. I was meeting new people who had made me feel so good with their colors of friendship! 🙂 We had entered in new office. We explored a cool place where we could go for tea and some friendly relaxation time. So much fun , laughter and cherishable things were happening in last year December!

Things are way too different this year. A few things are changed upside down. For instance, our tea place is ruined by AMC department which was out of our office building. Last year, we friends were planning to go to Ranuttsav together. One of friends said, we”ll go next year, and now that next year won’t come ever. 🙂 Our company grown remarkably in this past year. I get new roles and responsibilities. So and so forth! This might have happened to you, too. You might have lose and gain something/many things.

In the morning, when I read my above lines, I felt like this is the way we all must look at LiFe. It’s beautiful, Life of course along with me :). It has flowers of all colors along with a few leafs and a few thorns, too. And all these together makes our LifE beautiful, full of fragrances. 🙂

Life is showering different flowers on us and we are responsible to look at it in a way we want to. For ex: if someone gets too much work; he can take it either as a workload or as an opportunity to test own limits and capabilities.

Also, I used to hear people either blame others or say I will do this and that to show him/her. He/She will understand my value when I won’t be there for him/her. 😀 I”d say, leave all these mundane things. I mean why not to channelize your energy to do something good for you and people around you. And what if someone will understand your value after your departure! 😛 Get out of this daily soap life of drama, revenge, tears, etc. 😀 No matter who is doing what, you mustn’t leave positive approach and goodwill for all because no matter who know/don’t-know your worth, God is watching everything and will surely give sweet fruits of your good deeds sooner or later. Have faith!

Even if you don’t believe in God, science talks about law of attraction. According to which, if we stay happy, we attract happiness and vise verse.

We all are running behind what we don’t have and losing the important things/people who are there for us even if when we’re not there for them. With our ignorant attitude, we lose them and then, we complaint I never get what I want. Funny we?! Sometimes, things might go dramatically wrong even if you’re doing everything right, we call it misfortune. But, look at it in a way like you’re writing a heroic story with all these odds. You’re the gifted and chosen one to make the difference. It’s all about our perspective towards things, taking decisions which are right and always think for everyone’s goodwill and happiness!

Aw! I think I have get into my never ending philosophical mode. 🙂 So cutting it short to save your time if you made to come this long. I would say, embrace everything you have at the moment in the most beautiful way possible. Look at everything with a positive perspective because this is the only way we can thank God for giving us so many things which many are seeking to get! And, who knows next year we have this or not! So say it with me,

“Chahe kante ho ya gul, chahe patzar ho ya bahaar, Sukriya a uparwale teri inaayato ka, jo baksha tune muje ye tohfa-a-gulzaar.”

It means thank you God for all the sweet moments and tough battles of my life. Together all these made my life Remarkable!


About ecosmobseo
Ecosmobians are group of IT people working as Developers, designers, marketers, HR, support team at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.ecosmob.com *Content on this blog are individual views of the Ecosmobians, not of the company.

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