Does Looks Really Matters?

You must have faced or heard of this question somewhere in your life. Haven’t you? Recently, I had just like that discussion with someone on this topic and have also experienced some weird incidences which made me think and talk about this topic here.

Most of the people, used to judge/like/dislike others based on their outer looks. Even most of us usually get worried if we get any scar, mark or pimple. We check the mirror on a daily basis [few people might check it more frequently :D] and talk with own selves like okay today I look more beautiful/handsome than yesterday and we smile on our good looks. It can also happen like, we look into the mirror and say oh my God! I have put on some weight, I have to loose it or Aw crap! there is an ugly pimple on my face, let me try some face packs to get rid of it. Do you think it is really worth to get worried so much about some extra pounds of weight and/or getting panic for pimples? Why? Don’t you love yourself as you are?

Can’t you love yourself with pimples, scars, marks, fat. Etc? I don’t think it affects your own-selves . It only affect when you are more concerned about what others are thinking about you and your looks? And if it so, do you really think you need to worry about those insane people who judge your beauty by your outer physics? Do you think they really deserve your efforts to look perfect according to their conceptions and imaginations? Especially, when they are not giving efforts to identify your inner beauty?

You know what, just don’t worry much about your physical appearance. It really doesn’t matter until and unless you are part of the glamour industry. Just love yourself as you are and give a damn to so called appearance conjecture. The people will love you as you are and they even never bother to measure your looks with fat, marks or scars. The people who know you as you, will love you unconditionally and never pay attention to such idiotic things 😉 If someone leaves/criticize you for your appearance, Trust me they just DO NOT DESERVE YOU 😉 🙂 If they comment on your looks negatively, just give them one of my fav. lines “It’s me as me, Love me or leave me” 😉 Don’t lose yourself for anyone by changing yourself to fit in someone’s good look criteria because if you don’t like/love yourself in a way you are, why should anyone else will?

Love yourself in a way you are because looks really doesn’t matter, your SOUL does 🙂


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Ash Vyas is working as an Digital Marketing Manager at Ecosmob handling online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

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