A Few Words of Wisdom For Leading A Better Life

This is my last Blog post on Ecosmobian corner, of course of 2015. 🙂 I was pretty confused what topic to write about. So thought to just blab about a few words of wisdom (According to me), which might help you professionally and personally. All these have been learned from personal experience and self tested. 🙂

Wise Words by Ash Vyas

Wise Words by Ash Vyas

Lead Without Title
You might have heard this as it is a concept of one of the Books of Robin Sharma. I really liked the idea and thus thought to share. The concept is you don’t need to be a minister or a team leader or a CEO to do something which is right and in favor of something better. What you just need is the courage to take the first step and lead it towards the destiny. You might face the hurdles, but you gotta trust me these hurdles will make your journey memorable and beautiful. In a nutshell, if you think you can make a difference, you can improve something, you don’t need to wait till the time you get some sort of title or designation, just take a lead. 🙂

Time Is Always Right
I often hear people saying  will do this and that when the right time comes. You know what! Such time never comes. We have to pick up a random time and make it right. Also, I hear nothing gonna change. It will be the same. May be you’re right. But, wait! what if the things change? See, there is nothing wrong to put your point. It might make a difference, might not, but at least you will be ensured of not having that regret of, “alas! I have said/ did it, then things might have been different”. This is the right time to live your life at the fullest, to talk about your ideas, showcase your skills and get focused on the things which matters to you the most. 🙂

Have Someone To Listen To You
It is very much important to get your feelings out. Keeping it inside may create internal upheaval, which may create a state of constant irritation, frustration, etc. So it is always good to have at least one person to whom you can share your feelings. It is not necessary to have only one as it can be possible that someone empathize your personal feelings in a better way. Whilst someone might understand  your professional ambitions clearly. However, be wise and selective to whom you share your feelings as most of the time people listen to you , but can’t understand you. 🙂

Be a Calm Listener
It is a very rare feature, we humans have. 🙂 So cultivate this in you. Listen to the people who is getting their outburst or telling you something. Mark the words, you need to listen, not hear. I have listened to so many random strangers who are getting their outburst for mismanagement of AMTS. 😛 It doesn’t take away anything from me, but it might make them feel lighter. 🙂 Yeah! sometimes it is irritating, but that’s okay. I manage to keep calm and listen. BTW, don’t forget to listen to yourself. We all lead a very busy life. We need to sit in a lonely place for some time and listen to those unsaid feelings inside us to make the things clearer. 🙂

All Questions Are Not Meant To Be Answered
We seek for answers of trivia, which complicates the thing. For instance, why is she behaving like that? Why didn’t I get that reward? So on and so forth. Let the things happen the way it is! Don’t try to know everything. You will get to know if it is meant to be. Channelize your energy on something which can add value to life of yours and others.

This is all I wanted to share which I have learned and tried to cultivate in my life. It makes life easier, lighter and happier. I wish it helps you out in a way or another. I don’t seem so, but I am a really good listener. If you ever find me helpful, feel free to reach me. 🙂

I wish you a very Happy wala New Year in Advanced! 🙂


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