What Will You Gift Yourself This Diwali?

Special Diwali Gift Idea

Special Diwali Gift Idea

The Diwali is one of the biggest festival in India. As per the Hindu mythology, God Shri Ram returned back to the Ayodhya, his homeland, after long 14 years. The citizens were too happy and lighten up the lanterns and fired the crackers. A huge celebration happened. As per the belief, it was the victory of good over bad. This festival indicates, the darkness fades away and light gets spread everywhere. In India, we celebrate Diwali with same enthusiasm and gift dear-ones something. So what are you thinking to gift yourself this Diwali?

This blog post is not about gifting yourself something common such as a new dress, jewelry, phone, etc. This Diwali, why don’t you gift something out of the box and one of the most vital things of your life. Confused?!. Let me share a few common behaviors first, very common ones. And think which one fits you. Fine?

I want to lose some weight, but it’s damn difficult to get out of the bed early and the whole day has a tight schedule. However, I don’t know how I manage to get all those foods which increase my fat and calories. 🙂
– Here, you also know there are many ways to exercise even without getting out of the bed early. For example, use the stairs instead of the elevator; go by walk to the nearer distance commute requirement; Squat when you get 2 mins; sit down instead of a chair; relax and meditate for 2 mins when you are having a break. You can try this and much more. Right?

I want to study hard and want to score great in the next examination. However, I am too tired today. I will start from tomorrow. Aw, that’s my favorite movie, let me watch as from tomorrow I have to study hard. 🙂
– Here, you also know tomorrow never comes, but next exam will come too soon. You have already watched the movie, so you can skip it for now. That actor has made his career, but you still have to. Right?

I seriously want to take my career to the next level. I want to achieve the biggest milestones in my industry. But, I don’t have any proper guidance. If I get right guidance, I can achieve victories. 🙂
The Eklavya had no mentor, still he excelled in using bow and arrows, as he was determined to. You have the access to “World Wide Web”. The experts are just right there to become your mentor. The knowledge is flooding the web. You can get expert training. What you need to do is just surf a little and get the right sources and communities. It’s not that hard. Right?

I want to spend quality time with my family, but I am so damn busy that just can’t make it. However, I had attended a team dinner as it was from the company and I had to go.
This is true, we all are busy in making our respective career. But, with a little time management and an determination will surely allow you to spend time with your family. For example, decide not to check emails/ messages every 10 mins when you are with family. You can check it at every 60-120 minutes, if you are expecting many important emails. This will give you the enough time to spend with your family. Right?

We all know what is stopping us from converting our dreams into reality. We all know what our weaknesses are and how can we overcome those. Still, we are giving excuses. To whom? To others? Neah. To our own selves.

This Diwali, let’s keep this habit of giving excuses to own-self behind. Select any one milestone. At least one. Make it your Dream. The dream which you want to gift yourself with a commitment to converting it into “The Reality”. Work harder and smarter. Surprise yourself by discovering your extraordinary capabilities. Next year gift yourself the “Milestone Achieved”.

So are you going to gift yourself something really special this Diwali? If yes, share this post with a caption, “I gifted a dream this Diwali” or something creative. Gift yourself! Enjoy Diwali! Happy Diwali!!

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