What we think and what we do?

CriticalThinkingThe title of this article Itself says a lot, what we think to do and after all what we actually do? Sometimes, you decide to do something, but after that when you actually start work on it, it might be somewhat different than what you thought.

You will feel this in your daily work life. At your work, task has been assigned you to complete with your own views, than it might have changed original requirement. đŸ˜› That’s true. Let me explain you, When you start working on a project, you will create a plan as per your point-of-view and skills. Once the actual implementation starts, you will get different approaches of doing the same thing from different people. A few can help you to create the best product while a few can be ignored as it might change the desired end result. You can’t be biased to your own point of view in such situation as you have to take the best decision for the end result. So you have to select the way which is best suited for the desired end result which might be different than what you had initially thought of.
Have you ever tried to find out the reason behind it? why same thing happen with each and everyone.? Same things happens with every person because every person has their own strength of thinking. You and your colleagues have different ability to think on the same thing, it might be possible that both of you have the same way for thinking about the same work, but you will complete it in a different way even after both of you have thought the same.

What will happen when you follow the steps given by others to complete your work who had already implemented on it? Surely, it will give more accuracy and complete success in your work. If you will follow that than you can complete it. But if you are thinking to make it possible with another way then you should go for it. You will get to know about the approach you thought of and your expertise and skills will be improved in that particular field. But always remember that the output must remain same for any way you use. Reason? Reaching to the milestone does matter, not the chosen way.

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Ghanshyam, Jr. Developer,Ecosmob

Ghanshyam, Jr. Software Developer, Ecosmob

Ghanshyam Katriya, is working as Jr. Software Developer in Ecosmob Technologies. He is a Blogger and avid learner of web development industry.

Likes : Reading, Back Campaigning, Day Dreaming, High Speed Driving
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