Ecosmobians Exhilarated By Breathing With Shwas

Ecosmobians take part in various activities and events to contribute towards society as part of their CSR activities. On last Saturday, Ecosmobians went to support a local NGO, called “Shwas – Breathe Life Into”. The NGO is supporting underprivileged children to get better education and improved life. The NGO is started by a group of volunteers and they started various activities to encourage underprivileged kids to achieve their dreams. The Shwas has enrolled the children into schools and also teach them on a daily basis in their area by taking private classes. The NGO encourages people to support these children by paying their fees via NGO or directly to the school. The NGO also arranges various events to collect donation which is used for the education of the children and also to generate awareness about the cause amongst people.

This time the NGO had arranged an event under which they had established a food stall and painting exhibition at B.K.School of Management, Ahmedabad. The paintings were painted by one of the kids. The team of Ecosmob Technologies went at a food stall as volunteers. The Ecosmobians supported the cause in all possible ways, including, taking active participation at the stall; Collecting donation from the visitors; Buying one of the paintings and donating the fund collected at Ecosmob. It was a great experience for us to be part of such a noble cause. We also appreciate the initiative of “Shwas-Breathe Life Into” for doing such a noble cause. A few of our Ecosmobians are also looking forward to be an active part of it and help the kids in all possible ways.

Ecosmobians at Shwas

Ecosmobians at Shwas

There is also something I would like to share which the Ecosmobians had experienced there. A very few visitors were happy to help while a few visitors was not really interested to buy a food packet of just 25 Rs. I assume the majority of people who were there might spend 100 bucks on watching a movie or having some light snacks just like that. Excuse me if there is some genuine reason those visitors had to not to support the cause. I think we can at least do a bit by buying a single food packet, or buying a painting which will not only encourage a child, but will support the future of the underprivileged kids. According to me, we used to hesitate to donate due to various reasons. One of them can be a doubt that the donation might not reach the right people, but the matter of fact here is the Shwas NGO encourages to directly pay the fees into the school if you have any doubts. In such scenario, there is a least possibility to have doubts. I am not saying to donate blindly to anyone, but at least try to check the details and support the NGOs which are genuinely doing something good for the people in need. I wish after reading this article, next time more people will donate or support such social activities and activists. If you are encouraged to contribute to the betterment of those kids via Shwas, here is the Facebook page URL where you can get more details

If you want to be part of the CSR (including Clean India Drive) activities of Ecosmob Technologies, contact me by leaving a comment with your details in this Blog or by contacting me on any of the social media listed in my Author bio below.

This is the time to do something good for someone. I am doing my bit, Are You? Will You?

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