How Does It Matter?

I was confused what to share today as too many things were popping up at the same time nothing specific was coming up 😛 So I thought to share a short story shared by one of my friends sometime before. Though again, I was in confusion whether to share it or not as it can be controversial 🙂 I mean the story can be decoded in two different ways. But I thought to share with a belief that readers will take the positive lessons from it. If I talk about myself, It really changed my perception towards things, people and more specifically Life. It has many subtle lessons, vary from person to person. So read it carefully with peaceful mind to decode all possible positive learnings 🙂

Short Story
S hortStory
Once a man was lying under a tree in open lands. He was enjoying the nature around him. A passerby came to him and interrupted his moments of leisure and exclaimed, “Hey! look at there. The sparks.

The man ignored him completely and keep on doing what he was already doing.

The passer-by raised his voice and said, “Hey you! look at there the sparks.

The man replied with an unbothered attitude, “How does it matter to me?

The passerby again said, “Hey there. Look. The flames….

The man replied with the same attitude, “How does it matter to me?

The passerby keep on gazing in the direction of the flames and again shouted, “look at there. The flames are converted into the fire.

How does it matter to me?

After a few seconds, that passerby again shouted and tapped him, “It’s devastating fire in that house. look man“.

How does it matter to me??

The passer-by replied, “The house in fire is yours.

The man replied, “Then how does it matter to you?

That’s the story. 🙂 Funny?!. So what’s your takeaway from this? Is it like if someone is showing you the fire, you should look at that side because it can be your house? Neah.. That’s not the takeaway here (according to me).

The very first takeaway is, enjoy what you have at the moment. The man was enjoying what you had instead of worrying about what he might not have, like, posh cars, bungalow, etc.

The takeaway here is, if someone comes to you to show you the fire (means problems of others) then you should be least bothered. You should concentrate on what you are doing instead of getting distracted from your goals and to check out the flames in the other’s house. You shouldn’t be one of the silent viewer of the fire at someone’s house. I am not saying, not to help people in need. You must run to help others, but only when they ask for your help to you by themselves, not when someone else is pointing out their problems to you. This is called giving the space to people who might be in need, but not looking for your help at least at that time. Another learning can be, if someone pointing out the fire is really concerned for you, he won’t give vague statements until your house gets in devastating fire. That person will show the clear scenario. In fact, will also start giving the solution or start working on the solution for you, if he is really concerned. So stay away or at least beware of toxic people who are busy in pointing out only problems and don’t let them get over your head.

What do you learn from that passer-by man? To guide someone towards his problem? Neah! If you are really concerned about someone, offer the solution in a clear manner instead of standing, pointing and watching a spark converting into devastating fire.

One more thing we can learn is, don’t get so distracted from the world around you so much that your own house get into the fire and you just stay unaware of it. Be alert and be active. 🙂

There can be many more lessons in this short story I guess. It’s difficult to pen down each, but the moral of the story is, “Enjoy what you have; Offer solutions instead of pointing solution, but only when you are consulted for the same; Ignore distractions; Stay focused; Be alert.”

This will make Life more peaceful, relaxed and happy (I assume).

By the way, what had you learned? Would you mind sharing your thought in the comment?


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